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This is a guilt-free book!

This is a collection of memoirs and thoughts. Most of the time, I call them “ramblings.”

Call it a mosaic. No specific order, rhythm, or build up. Each chapter is thought for a day; a challenge to work on. There is no precise shape to them. And each one, by itself, contains a component of a greater image.

Just like a mosaic picture it’s not about ONE piece, is the accumulation of pieces/moments that make the entire depiction.

This book is here to help, encourage, and build up your marriage (or soon-to-be marriage). It’s the guide to marital help one piece at a time.

If you remember anything from this book of musings, remember this: There are two types of marriage

Those that work on their marriage.

Those that don’t.

From this point on, you are in the first grouping.